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Can you believe it’s been nearly 3 whole years since Love From JXY launched? We certainly can’t! It’s been an amazing journey, one where we are still learning so much. Before this starts to sound like a sad announcement, I’ll confirm straight away that we are not going anywhere. Love From JXY is here to stay for as long as you allow it to, and we want to continue to grow.

However, to grow, you need to make changes, and the bigger the changes the better the outcome. We have spent a lot of time evaluating our best selling products, the products we’re most passionate about, and the way the business runs in general, and we’ve ended up with some really exciting plans and ideas for 2024.

Change means we have decided to discontinue a large range of our products. As always, there’s nothing wrong with these items, they’ve just had their time. Some have been with us since day one, some aren’t great sellers, and some just don’t feel suited to the brand anymore. You know we always like to give back at JXY, so you can save over 50% and grab everything in the Clearance Sale for £5 while stocks last. To confirm, these items are being discontinued so once they're gone, they're gone.

Thank you so much for your continued support. We wouldn't be here without those of you that keep us company in TikTok Lives every night. We adore our little JXY Fam and hope to welcome more members to the family soon.

Lots of love,
Jay x
- Founder & Creative Director

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